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InContact Appears Frozen


Agent is Unable to Change States in Agent Application


  • Agent Application will randomly freeze or become unresponsive.
  • User is consistently unable to change states or logout (chronic issue).


  • Thin Agent (Our agent software)


  • Cookies, Browser or Network Settings, Flash, Java


  1. Confirm if the Agent application is actually frozen, or if only some portions are not responding. 
  • This can be done by attempting to do other actions in the thin agent, such as submitting agent feedback, or looking at the "Information" panel.
  • If you are able to use other functions of the Agent application is not frozen, but is stuck in a specific process.
    • If only some of the pieces of the agent are stuck, note which ones you cannot complete and report this to Tech Support. 

Confirm internet connectivity with a check to a 3rd party site or a Ping Test to the platform, at (DAL) or (LAX) to determine if there is significant latency or packet loss. Clear Cache and Cookies from all web browsers (Internet Explorer | Google Chrome).

Clear Flash Cache (ensure all internet browsers are closed when doing this).

Clear Java Cache. Delete all items within the user's temp folder on their PC. Ensure the user's default browser is set the same as everyone who has a working Agent. Add "https://*" (inContact Central) as a trusted site in the browser.

  • If you are not experiencing a chronic issue, please see Force Logout Agent in Central.

  • If following the above procedure does not resolve the issue, contact Tech Support and have the following information on hand:

    • Which version of Agent (Thin, Power, or Salesforce).

    • If all of Agent is frozen, or just certain portions.

    • The results of an inContact Ping test.

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